Ride Along 2 (2016) HD Full Movie Online Stream

Ride Along 2 (2016) HD Full Movie Online Stream

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Ride Along 2 (2016)
Ride Along 2

PG-13 2016 102 MIN Action, Comedy, Featured

IMDb 5.8/10 2,005 votes

15 Jan 2016



Story:The ride along 2 sequel picks up about a year after our heroes’ final adventure. Plans for a quick journey to Miami go terrible. With the marriage upcoming, James reluctantly takes Ben with him to Miami to follow up on a lead related to a drug ring case he is been looking to crack. In Miami, they meet Maya, a no-BS homicide detective who allows them to recognize Miami is her turf. additionally they come upon AJ, a shady cocky computer hacker who reveals proof that implicates a nicely-reputable local businessman, the rich Antonio Pope. Pope harbors a vicious streak and guidelines South Florida’s drug exchange. If Ben and James can persuade the authorities that Pope is a brutal crime boss they will prevent his spree. in the event that they fail, properly there may not be a marriage after all.
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